2004 Election Results

The voting period is now finished. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to vote for the new CP OC. The 2 elected members of the new CP OC are the following CPers:

  • Michela Milano
  • Jean Francois Puget

Congratulations to them! According to the rules, the new CP OC consists of such members plus the program and conference chairs of the current and past CP conference. The new CP OC consists of the following 10 members:

  • Krzysztof Apt
  • Fahiem Bacchus
  • Christian Bessiere
  • James Bowen
  • Michela Milano
  • Jean Francois Puget
  • Francesca Rossi
  • Peter Van Beek
  • Mark Wallace
  • Toby Walsh

Thanks to those who served on the CP OC this last year and have now resigned according to the rules and good luck to those who just joined. The presentation of the new CP OC will be held during the CP 2004 conference (http://ai.uwaterloo.ca/~cp2004/), from 9:30 to 10:25 on Thursday, September 30, in Toronto, Canada. For any questions, you can contact Francesca Rossi at frossi@math.unipd.it

Election Details

Number of Voters: 148 Number of Votes: 345

Michela Milano86
Jean Francois Puget69
Patrick Prosser55
Peter Stuckey55
Barbara Smith4
Edward Tsang33