2008 Election Results

The voting period is now finished. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to vote for the new ACP EC members.

Bylaw 5 of the ACP Bylaws (see www.a4cp.org) dictates the election procedure and rules. 2008 is a transition year. In this election, we aimed to elect (a) three regular members to a four year term and (b) two interim members to a two year term. The top three elected candidates will serve as regular members of the EC (four year term), and the next two will serve as interim members (two year term). The five elected members of the new ACP EC are the following CPers:

  • Barry O'Sullivan (four year term)
  • Peter Stuckey (four year term)
  • John Hooker (four year term)
  • Roland Yap(two year term)
  • Karen Petrie(two year term)

Congratulations to all of them! We also thank all the candidates. The new ACP Executive Committee will start operating in January 2009 and will consist of the following 11 members:

  • Christian Bessiere
  • John Hooker
  • Jimmy H.M. Lee
  • Pedro Meseguer
  • Barry O'Sullivan
  • Karen Petrie
  • Thomas Schiex
  • Christian Schulte
  • Peter Stuckey
  • Michael Trick
  • Roland Yap

Many thanks to Francesca Rossi and Barry O'Sullivan for their contributions to the ACP and the CP community at large during their past term!

Election Details

Number of ballots cast: 182

Stefano Bistarelli55
Amedeo Cesta46
Alan Frisch44
John Hooker 93
Amnon Meisels28
Barry O'Sullivan129
Karen Petrie59
Peter Stuckey100
Roland Yap79