ACP Summer Schools

Constraint Programming (CP) is a programming paradigm which provide useful tools to model and efficiently solve constrained optimisation problems, such as complex resource planning, scheduling, configuration and design problems.

The Association of Constraint Programming is seeking to augment and complement University teaching of CP, and to disseminate a core body of CP knowledge supporting the recognition of CP as a mature and relevant technology for use in industry.

To help the CP community in these respects, the ACP Executive Committee has decided to start a series of CP summer schools, to be held annually. The subject of each summer school will alternate between general and specific: one year the school will cover most of the CP areas while in the following year the school will focus on one subject of research within CP.

The list of previous ACP summer schools is as follows:

YearMonth Venue More Information
2024 March Aussois, France web
2023 July Leuven, Belgium web
2022 August Haifa, Israel web
2021 November/December Online web
2020 November Toulouse, France web
2019 July Vienna, Austria web
2018 June Jackson, Wyoming, USA web
2017 September Porquerolles, France web
2016 June Cork, Ireland web
2015 July Toronto, Canada web
2014 June Bologna, Italia web
2013 January Kioloa, NSW, Australia web
2012 September Wroclaw, Poland web
2011 June Turunç, Turkey web
2010 May Aussois, France web
2009 June Cork, Ireland web
2008 June St. Andrews, Scotland web
2007 June Lloret de Mar, Spain web
2006 June Samos, Greece web
2005 September Maratea, Italy web