2010 Election Results

The voting period is now finished. Thanks to all those who have taken the time to vote for the new ACP EC members. Bylaw 5 of the ACP Bylaws (see http://www.a4cp.org) dictates the election procedure and rules. As set out in the ACP by-laws there was an election for four new EC members in 2010. Pedro Meseguer, Karen Petrie, Thomas Schiex, and Roland Yap were elected to terms ending in 2010. As set out in the bylaws an Election Committee was formed chaired by Jimmy Lee, Secretary to the ACP. The others members were: John Hooker, Barry O’Sullivan, and Peter Stuckey. The voting period was from August 1st to 31st, 2010. A total of 128 votes were received. The newly elected EC members are: Yves Deville, Thomas Schiex, Helmut Simonis, and Roland Yap; their terms run for four years from January 2011. On behalf of the ACP, the Executive Committee would like to congratulate those elected, and thank all the other candidates who took part in the election.

Congratulations to all of them! We also thank all the candidates. The new ACP Executive Committee will start operating in January 2011 and will consist of the following 7 members:

  • Yves Deville
  • John Hooker
  • Barry O’Sullivan
  • Thomas Schiex
  • Helmut Simonis
  • Peter Stuckey
  • Roland Yap

Many thanks to Pedro Meseguer and Karen Petrie for their contributions to the ACP and the CP community at large during their past term!

Election Details

Number of ballots cast: 128

Candidate Votes
Helmut Simonis78
Thomas Schiex68
Roland Yap48
Yves Deville47
Paul Shaw 40
Christine Solnon33
Pedro Barahona29
Stefano Bistarelli29
Peter Jeavons27
Karen Petrie26