Executive Committee Decisions 2005

- Resignations in the ACP EC will be covered by additional positions in the next regular elections. - Pedro Meseguer is the new secretary of the ACP EC. - The ACP has decided to start a travel grant scheme for CP students or researchers in need to go to CP-related conference. - The ACP has established a best student paper award, to be given at each CP conference to the best student paper as chosen by the program committee. - A CP summer school will possibly be held every year, alternating introductory material with advanced topics. The next school in summer 2006 will be on an advanced topic. - Barry O'Sullivan is the conference coordinator. He will help the organizers of each CP conference in defining the budget structure and in solving the organizational problems. - CP 2007: - Location: Providence, RI, USA - Dates: fall 2007. - Conference chairs: Meinolf Sellmann and Laurent Michel - Program chair: Christian Bessiere - Co-located with ICAPS 2007 (International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling) - CP 2005: - Location: Sitges (close to Barcelona), Spain - Dates: October 2005. - Conference chairs: Pedro Meseguer and Javier Larrosa. - Program chair: Peter Van Beek. - Co-located with ICLP 2005, the International Conference on Logic Programming - CP 2006: - Location: Nantes, France - Dates: autumn 2006. - Conference chairs: Frederic Benhamou and Narendra Jussien. - Program chair: Frederic Benhamou. - Financial agreement between the CP OC and the conference organizers. - 2005 CP summer school: - Location: south of Italy - Dates: September 2005 - Organizers: K. Apt, M. Milano, F. Rossi. - CP web site: www.cp-online.org - CP newsletter: - Editors: Jimmy Lee, Eric Monfroy, Toby Walsh - Published every three months (1st January, 1st April, 1st July, and 1st October). - Posted on the CP web site. - Policy document for organizing the CP conference. - The ACP was legally started in March 2005.adidas Ultra Boost kaufen