2010 Quarter 2


This is a short summary of activities within the ACP during the months April-June 2010.

The 2010 ACP Executive Committee comprises the following people:

  • Barry O'Sullivan - President
  • Jimmy H.M. Lee - Secretary (non-elected)
  • Thomas Schiex - Treasurer
  • Pedro Meseguer - Conference Coordinator

  • John Hooker

  • Karen Petrie
  • Peter Stuckey
  • Roland Yap

ACP.1. ACP Executive Committee Elections 2010

As set out in the new by-laws there will be elections for four new EC members in 2010. Karen Petrie and Roland Yap were elected to two year terms ending in 2010. Pedro Meseguer and Thomas Schiex were elected to four year terms ending in 2010. As set out in the bylaws an Election Committee has been formed chaired by Jimmy Lee. Nominations for candidates will be managed by that committee. Members of the association can nominate candidates. The committee will also proactively seek nominations. The formal text of the call for nominations is being circulated.

The remaining members of the current EC are John Hooker, Barry O'Sullivan, and Peter Stuckey. Their elected terms come to an end in 2012.

ACP.2. ACP Doctoral Research Award 2010

A strong field of nominations has been received for the ACP Doctoral Research Award. A committee established by the EC is responsible for selecting the winning candidate for this award. Members from the general community are recruited to serve as reviewers and make recommendations on the overall winner.

ACP.3. New Award: the ACP Outstanding Service Award

A strong field of nominations has been received for this new award, which we plan to give at CP 2010. At presence the EC is working on the selection of the first recepient. This award is to be given to an individual who has made significant contributions to the ACP community in a service capacity. Like the two existing awards, nominations were sought from the community.

ACP.4. Reminder: CP Conference in 2011

The ACP-EC would like to remind members that CP-2011 will be held in Perugia in Italy. The Conference Chair will be Stefano Bistarelli. The Programme Chair for CP-2011 will be announced shortly.

ACP.5. ACP Summer School 2010

This year's summer school was held from the 3rd-7th May in Aussois, France, organized by Y. Deville and C. Solnon. There were over 50 participants. The program included both introductory courses on the grounds of CP, with practicals with the Comet programming language, and advanced courses on challenging research areas of CP. The speakers were Yves Deville, Pierre Flener, Christophe Lecoutre, Laurent Michel, Gilles Pesant, Jean-Charles Régin, Thomas Schiex, Christine Solnon, and Pascal Van Hentenryck.

On behalf of the ACP, the EC would like to thank the speakers and tutorialists, and sincerely congratulate Christine and Yves for organising such a wonderful event.

Web: http://becool.info.ucl.ac.be/summerschool2010/

ACP.6. CP 2010 in St. Andrews, Scotland

The ACP EC would like to extend an invitation to all members of the CP community to attend the CP 2010 conference in St. Andrews. A sincere thanks goes to Dave Cohen, whose job as PC Chair has taken much of his time recently as he finalised the list of accepted papers. We wish Karen Petrie, Conference Chair, and her team every success as they prepare for the conference in September (6th-10th).

Web: http://cp2010.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk