meSAT: multiple encodings of CSP to SAT

Mirko Stojadinovic, Filip Maric
Constraints 19(4), October 2014

Graph coloring inequalities from all-different systems

David Bergman, John N. Hooker
Constraints 19(4), October 2014

Symmetries, almost symmetries, and lazy clause generation

Geoffrey Chu, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Christopher Mears, Peter J. Stuckey
Constraints 19(4), October 2014

Explanation-based large neighborhood search

Charles Prud'homme, Xavier Lorca, Narendra Jussien
Constraints 19(4), October 2014

Lightweight dynamic symmetry breaking

Christopher Mears, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Bart Demoen, Mark Wallace
Constraints 19(3), July 2014

A quadratic edge-finding filtering algorithm for cumulative resource constraints

Roger Kameugne, Laure Pauline Fotso, Joseph Scott, Youcheu Ngo-Kateu
Constraints 19(3), July 2014

Consistency techniques for polytime linear global cost functions in weighted constraint satisfaction

Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, Ka Lun Leung, Yu Wai Shum
Constraints 19(3), July 2014

The octagon abstract domain for continuous constraints

Marie Pelleau, Charlotte Truchet, Frédéric Benhamou
Constraints 19(3), July 2014

Looking into the crystal-ball: a bright future for CP

Michela Milano, Pascal Van Hentenryck
Constraints 19(2), April 2014

The future of optimization technology

Maria Garcia de la Banda, Peter J. Stuckey, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Mark Wallace
Constraints 19(2), April 2014

Toward sustainable development in constraint programming

Nicolas Beldiceanu, Pierre Flener, Jean-Noël Monette, Justin Pearson, Helmut Simonis
Constraints 19(2), April 2014

Grand challenges for constraint programming

Eugene C. Freuder, Barry O’Sullivan
Constraints 19(2), April 2014

Qualitative modelling via constraint programming

Thomas W. Kelsey, Lars Kotthoff, Christopher A. Jefferson, Stephen A. Linton, Ian Miguel, Peter Nightingale, Ian P. Gent
Constraints 19 (2), April 2014

Strategic decision making on complex systems

Michela Milano, Michele Lombardi
Constraints 19(2), April 2014

Collective decision making: a great opportunity for constraint reasoning

Francesca Rossi
Constraints 19(2), April 2014

Optimal and efficient filtering algorithms for table constraints

Jean-Baptiste Mairy, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Yves Deville
Constraints 19(1), January 2014

Propagation engine prototyping with a domain specific language

Charles Prud'homme, Xavier Lorca, Rémi Douence, Narendra Jussien
Constraints 19(1), January 2014

An optimal arc consistency algorithm for a particular case of sequence constraint

Mohamed Siala, Emmanuel Hebrard, Marie-José Huguet
Constraints 19(1), January 2014

Explaining circuit propagation

Kathryn Glenn Francis, Peter J. Stuckey
Constraints 19(1), January 2014

View-based propagation of decomposable constraints

Marco Correia, Pedro Barahona
Constraints 18(4), October 2013


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