Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Position in Constraints

A post-doctoral research fellow (RF) position in the area of constraints is available at the School of Computing (, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

The position involves conducting research in a new project focusing on higher order consistencies in CP to complement and also as a replacement of generalised arc consistency. We will investigate various approaches such as transformational, novel algorithms, fundamental theory, etc.
We are also interested in exploiting structured representations such as Multivalued Decision Diagrams (MDDs) together with global constraints.
The position will be for 1-2 years starting from 1 January 2016 or later.

Job requirements:

  1. A PhD in Computer Science focusing on Constraints.
  2. Research experience in implementing solvers, modelling problems and applying CP techniques.
  3. Good programming skills, e.g. C/C++/Java

How to apply:

Interested candidates should send their resume and statement about their research to Roland Yap ( Please also include a plan of research. While there can be some flexibility in research direction, the research should also connect to higher consistencies.