2018 ACP Service Award: Call for Nominations


The Executive Committee of the ACP invites nominations for the 2018 ACP award for Distinguished Service to the Constraint Programming Community, which will be presented at CP 2018 conference. The purpose of this award is to celebrate those CP community members who have made exceptional contributions to the CP community. Areas of service could include, but are not limited to: association service, service as an editor, conference organisation, representation of CP in other organisations, etc, resulting in positive effects on the field of CP. The recipient of this award will have all costs of his/her participation at the CP conference covered by the ACP.


Nominations for this award are invited from members of the ACP. The awardee must be a member of the ACP.


A nomination package consists of a nomination form from one nominator, and reference letters from at least 2 referees.

Typically, a nominator is somebody who knows the nominee very well, and locates the referees, ensuring that they do their parts in time to produce a convincing nomination package. Ideally, a referee is a well-known member of the CP community who has never had a very close relationship with the nominee, but who can speak with authority for him or her.

Nomination forms should follow the form below and should be sent (nomination forms by the nominators, and reference letters by referees) by email to secretary@a4cp.org.


The nomination package must arrive at the address above by 1 June 2018. We cannot accept anything received after that date. We will acknowledge receipt of nominations and references. The decision will be available by July 2018.


Every other year, an Award Committee will decide the award recipient among the nominees, and will include: the president and secretary of the ACP EC, two previous recipients of an ACP award or senior members of the community, and the programme chair of the CP conference where the award will be given. Members of the award committee cannot be nominees, nor can they support a nominee by being a nominator or a referee.

Enquiries concerning nominations should be directed to the ACP EC Secretary at the address secretary@a4cp.org.


Please answer, as completely as possible, Questions 1 to 5 of the form below, and email it to secretary@a4cp.org.


pre> The information on this form is confidential. Neither the candidate nor the references will be informed of the views you express.

  1. Nominator's name and affiliation (first, middle, last; address; telephone; fax; and email address)

  2. Referees (list at least 2 people who will submit reference letters)

  3. Nominee's name and affiliation (first, middle, last; address; telephone; fax; email address; and webpage)

  4. List principal positions of service to the CP community, and briefly describe primary responsibilities for each position. Examples of service positions include society service, service as an editor, conference organisation, etc., resulting in positive effects on the field of CP.

    • Position:
    • Dates:
    • Responsibilities:
  5. Proposed Citation (to appear on the award certificate -- the citation should begin with "For contributions to the field of constraint programming through sustained service ..." followed by a phrase of not more than 20 carefully chosen words that reflect this nominee's demonstrated service to the CP community).