Decisions of the Executive Committee

2010 Quarter 1


This is a short summary of activities within the ACP during the months January-March 2010.

ACP.1. The 2010 ACP Executive Committee

The 2010 ACP Executive Committee comprises the following people, in alphabetical order (officers identified)::

  • John Hooker
  • Jimmy H.M. Lee - Secretary
  • Pedro Meseguer - Conference Coordinator
  • Barry O'Sullivan - President
  • Karen Petrie
  • Thomas Schiex - Treasurer
  • Peter Stuckey
  • Roland Yap

ACP.2. ACP Summer School 2010

Executive Committee Decisions 2007

January 1st to March 31th, 2007

CP 2008

Two bids to host the CP 2008 conference were presented in the open call. The ACP EC selected the one from Sydney, Australia, presented by Toby Walsh. So CP 2008 will be held in Sydney in September 2008 and it will be colocated with a number of other conferences, among which ICAPS, KR, and NMR. Toby Walsh will be the Conference Chair.

CP 2008 Program Chair

Executive Committee Decisions 2006

January 1st, 2006 to March 31st, 2006

  • After a call for bids for the CP 2006 summer school, the EC received two bids. The accepted bid was from Kostas Stergiou and Toby Walsh, who will organize the 2006 CP summer school in Samos, Greece, on June 18-23, 2006. As decided by the EC after the 2005 school, general and advanced summer schools will alternate. This school will be an advanced school on global constraints. The school web site is at the URL

Executive Committee Decisions 2005

  • Resignations in the ACP EC will be covered by additional positions in the next regular elections.

  • Pedro Meseguer is the new secretary of the ACP EC.

  • The ACP has decided to start a travel grant scheme for CP students or researchers in need to go to CP-related conference.

  • The ACP has established a best student paper award, to be given at each CP conference to the best student paper as chosen by the program committee.